Proper Beard Care and Maintenance

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Not all is blessed by a full and healthy growing beard. It is an amazing feature than most men are proud of. However, you don’t simply leave it unshaved and untouched to achieve a great beard. It requires proper care and maintenance to make it look perfect and smart. If you’re looking for ways to achieve that perfect beard you’ve been aiming for, here are the basic care and maintenance you should do regularly.

It is constantly Growing

One of the important things to remember when you have a beard is that it is constantly growing every day. After a few days, your perfectly trimmed beard is already grown and is only days before it goes back to looking thick and wild.

Trimming your beard is one of the basics in maintaining a great beard especially if you’re aiming for a perfectly shaped one. Shorter beard needs to be trimmed more often, about every 2 days, so that it looks sharp and smart. For those who have a longer beard trimming it once a week is already enough to keep its shape.

Keep it Clean

Your beard should be kept clean as much as possible, whether it is short or long. No matter how perfectly trimmed or shaped it is, if it looks messy and has some dirt stuck between the hairs, it doesn’t look that much pleasing. A quick splash of water on your face in the morning is not enough for a clean beard. Your beard needs some extra attention when it comes to cleaning it. Make it look and smell great by shampooing it and applying conditioner on it as you shower for a perfectly clean beard.

Tame It

Some men are lucky to have beards that grow neatly downwards. However, for some men their beard is rebellious and grow outwards or in an unruly manner. If you’re one of those who have this kind of beard problem, worry no more. There are already beard care products especially made to tame unruly hair. After showering, apply a dab of natural beard oil and gently comb your beard downwards to tame it. You may also apply beard pomade to soften it and shape it on your desired style. There are plenty of beard care products to choose from so be sure to stock up on the basics.

Get the Right Tools

Aside from beard care products, you’ll also need the right tools to properly maintain your beard. Aside from a good beard comb and brush, you’ll also need a trimmer and a rotary shaver to maintain the length and shape of your beard. These tools make it easier to trim and shape your beard faster and in a more efficient way than regular scissors and shave.

Maintaining a perfectly looking beard requires some effort. With that basic beard care tips mentioned above, you can be sure that you’ll get that nice beard you’ve always wanted. Wear your beard with pride especially when you know that it is looking at its best.

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Author Monet Eisenhart