Guaranteed Tips To Help You Make It Big In The World Of Fashion And Design

Entering the world of fashion and designing is comparatively easy to staying in it. If you’re here not only to stay but to make it big, then the below tips will guarantee you a place!

Self-Confidence And The Bravery To Stand Out

You may have heard it a million times already, but because we truly believe this is one of the most important tips for making it big in any field, we’ll say it once more: BE YOU CONFIDENTLY. Amp your self-confidence so that you shine just being yourself. Dress up in a way that makes you feel fabulous and gives your steps an extra bounce. Don’t be afraid to stand out and to be seen and heard. Remember that this is a highly competitive field, so you’ll need to be something extra special if you (or your ventures) are to ever survive in this world.

Stepping Out And Making Connections

Don’t be afraid to speak to strangers in the fashion world. Even if you’d normally not do it, convince yourself to step out of your comfort zone and make friends with those with similar visions and interests. The world of fashion and designing runs a lot on connections so “knowing people” is always a good idea. If you intern or work at a company (used as a stepping stone/learning curve in your career), do your best to leave it in good terms. More often than not, their recommendations may have a big impact on your career.

Be Present, Uplift And Learn From Your Peers

Whether it’s for an award show or an event happening at that fashion event space you always wanted to showcase your designs in, don’t let your mind fill with jealousy over someone else’s success. Use their success to motivate yourself. Be busy building your career, rather than being envious over their career. Uplift your peers whenever possible, and they’ll do the same for you. You don’t always have to make the mistakes to learn from them…you can learn from other’s mistakes as well!

Remembering You’re Never Promised An Easy Time

Most people coming into this world come with the wrong assumption that it’s all glamour and glory. Truth is, there is a lot of hard work involved that you’d most probably encounter long before you even glimpse the glamour. Don’t feel small for getting into your work hands-on, or for doing seemingly unimportant chores¾especially if it is for a reputed company. Their name will look impressive in your CV, and that’s all that matters to your future. These are the foundations of your career, so take your time to lay them out securely.

Sleep Is A Luxury…So Is A Personal Life

Apart from hard work, making sacrifices is another huge part of making it big in this world. More often than not, you’ll have to work with minimum or no sleep¾and look good doing it! Your entire world will be focused on your career; inevitably impacting your social life and relationships. If you’re in a committed relationship, make sure they know they are important. Spend every moment you are not buried in work with them. Do your best to balance it out if it’s worth it.

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Author Monet Eisenhart