Three Creative Themes for Your Wedding

Every bride wants her special day to be unique and memorable. What better way to achieve this than through an interesting theme, a beautiful venue and some unforgettable moments? Here are some wedding ideas which are both creative and romantic, and will ensure that you and your guests enjoy every minute of the celebration.

Beach Weddings

Beach celebrations are perfect for the adventurous, free spirited couple. Guests can enjoy the sand and turf and toast to the newlyweds while watching the sun set. There is also nothing more romantic than a beach wedding, especially if it’s held at an exotic location or vacation destination. If a beach wedding sounds good to you, do some research to scout for beachside hotels or tropical vacation destinations which you think will suit the kind of celebration you want. When it comes to décor for this type of event, many couples go for a rustic vibe, with plenty of wooden elements. An all-white palette suits this theme too, and will set the laid back mood perfectly. Other color palettes include cool greens and blues or vivid shades of orange, which capture the hues of the setting sun. Serve up plenty of cocktails and seafood. You can also think about incorporating traditional dances and performances to entertain your guests.

Country Weddings

A country wedding wouldn’t be complete without an idyllic location or rural landscape to set it off. Woods, hills, farms and vineyards make the perfect backdrop for this type of celebration. Old world charm and rustic chic is the style of preference for a country wedding. You can either have an outdoor celebration or house your guests in a farmhouse or barnyard. As the name suggests, stick to country and rustic styles when decorating. Country mixed with vintage also adds a bit of glamour to this theme. Use reclaimed wood and rustic items when decorating, such as long farmhouse tables covered in white table cloth and wooden chairs or benches. A wonderful time to have your country wedding is during the harvest season, and you can use various elements such as haystacks, vegetables and farming motifs to decorate. Use colorful floral arrangements such as Brisbane wedding flowers and plenty of greenery as décor too.


Ethnic weddings celebrate traditions and customs. If you or your partner has been thinking of a wedding encompassing your/their beliefs and culture, don’t hesitate to go along with it. This type of wedding is certainly exotic and beautiful, plus it’s the perfect way to embrace one’s cultural identity and family background. Once you have the traditional ceremony and marriage customs out of the way, you can also use ethnic elements as décor for the reception. Choose a location which brings out the theme if possible. Also employ traditional influences and design elements. Traditional wedding attire is gorgeous and unique as well, consisting of luxurious fabrics, textures and jewelry. Finally, treat your guests to cultural performances and entertainment to wrap up the night.

For a memorable wedding celebration, make sure to pick a great location and hire a professional wedding planner to help you out.

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Author Monet Eisenhart