Wear Your Suit the Right Way

If not chosen right or if not worn right, even the most expensive suit from the best brads will look bad. And this can bring down your mood throughout the whole time you are wearing the suit and will make you stand out lie a sore thumb in room full of beautifully dressed people. But with a few fashion tricks up your sleeve, you can easily avoid suit-wearing mistakes. Check out below to see some of the tips to help you wear your suit the right way.

The Right Shoulder Fit

The difference between the right shoulder fit and an ill-fitting suit jacket is huge. Because it does show the difference between being perfectly dressed and a haphazardly thrown-on suit. So, when you are looking for your perfect suit, make sure to choose the one that fits you the best. Your waist size can easily be adjusted so give priority to making sure that your shoulders fit and is the right measurement.

Sleeves and Pant Legs

If you cannot find a perfectly fitting suit, or cannot simply find a one that first your sense of style, then the best thing to do is investing in a tailored suit. Look for places where you can get for tailored suits Sydney. Just like your shoulder fit, the sleeves and the pant legs too have to be of the right length. Too long or too short jacket sleeves or pants legs can make it look like you threw on your suit at the last minutewithout any preparation. But if you want to make a good impression, tailoring them with the right measurements is important.

Dress Shirts

A suit is not perfect with just a good jacket and pants. Your shirt has to be good too. Shop for a quality dress shirt that will go well with the rest of your outfit. Also make sure to wear a good undershirt – a sweat proof one will be better o so you don’t have to worry about sweating through your shirt and suit jacket. It is not always about wearing a material of good quality and good fit. To look better in a suit, a little bit of good grooming too is needed.

Choose the Right Tie

An outfit becomes good when each and every part is chosen with careful consideration. Make sure you choose a matching tie – a one that is darker than your shirt. This will create a balance of colour. Adding a tie that does not have the same pattern as the pattern on your shirt is also a good tip to remember. If you are not good with the tie dimple, then be a little patient. Thisrequires some practicing. Use a tie made of silk or cashmere instead of cotton to achieve the perfect tie dimple.

Shoes and Belt

Add the final pieces to your outfit- matching shoes and belt. Never wear a tan belt with a pair of black shoes or vice versa. You may not even consider this to be a part of your suit but in order to achieve the perfect look, all the necessary parts of an outfit need to be assembled. So, match the perfect shoes and belt with the rest of your shoes. And make sure that you have both of those in good condition. If you are trying to make your look work, dusty shoes or belts that are peeling off will not be the right choice.

Follow these tips when you get ready, whether it is to work or for a big event. Make sure that when you dress, dress to impress.

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Author Monet Eisenhart