Essential Guidelines to Follow When Matching Men’s Accessories

Many individuals spend hours In front of their wardrobe wondering what to wear. While generally, men tend to get dressed earlier than women do, many men are still unable to put together a properly matched complete outfit with suitable accessories regardless of how old they are. Your attire is the main component that will assist you to stand out among the others. You should try to teach yourself and be experienced enough to dress up in a manner that gains a positive reaction from the onlookers. Learn to trust your intuition to be positive that you walk out of the house looking the absolute best not only it will boost your confidence it will improve your mood for the day as well. Accordingly shown below are some of the simple guidelines you are ought to follow when it comes to assembling your perfect outfit.

Leathers and Metals Must Match

If you are fond of leather then the first thing you must know is if leathers should always match leathers. If you have a brown leather belt wear it with brown shoes and not black shoes. Leather does not blend worn in several colors but it doesn’t matter if you wore shoes and ties that are within the same color family. Staying in one color will help you look sharp and the overall look appears clean and well balanced. If you are interested in wearing a silver watch match your cufflinks and belt buckles accordingly. Don’t try to be bold wearing two completely different metals regardless of how expensive they are.  

Stay Simple

Unlike women, men should not be overly extravagant with their outfits. Women appreciate cleaner cut men who can grab their attention showcasing their simplicity in the most attractive manner. In order to do that you don’t need to spend money purchasing ridiculously expensive suits and accessories. What you need to know is how to put together a simple yet outstanding look from what you own. Don’t get too involved trying to match chains, bracelets, hats and pocket squares all in one. Choose a simple yet personal style such as an elegant mens carbon fibre ring, a trendy fedora even a unique set of bracelets.   

Match the Event

All men should own separate sets of clothing and accessories to be worn on formal occasions and casual occasions. While your casual attire can be designed for maximum comfort and personalized style the accessories and clothing you wear for formal occasions such as weddings, dinner galas, balls, etc. should be classy and sophisticated. Purchase timepieces that have a lasting value which can be worn to make a positive impression. 


While it’s easy to pair up leather and metals it’s quite challenging when it comes to matching colors. Each and every person has a taste for different colors. But the trick is how to well you could match the colors in an elegant way. While men’s formal wear generally consist of black, blue and grey tuxedos it is not uncommon to see tuxedos designed in other colors as well. But before you attend any formal event or decide on what’s your next smart casual outfit is going to be. You should know what colors suits you the best and how well it compliments your skin tone. By having a clear understanding in color pallets you will be able to decently match your day to day outfits as well as your formal clothing in a fitting manner.

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Author Monet Eisenhart