How to Stand Out as a Creative Business

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The best brands are trend-setters and not followers, and this often comes from an individual leader with a genuine passion for what they do. Having a clear mission statement and a unique brand is key, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn from your competitors’ successes and failures. It’s essential to have a finger on the pulse of the industry in terms of new products, customer service techniques, and marketing campaigns. Don’t copy others – take inspiration from the world around you (including your personal experiences) and adapt what you learn into something that’s true to your brand and vision. Here are some great ideas to help you stand out as a creative business in 2019.

Create a Contemporary Office Space

Your office or business premises need to reflect your business’ personality and branding, especially if it’s somewhere your clients and customers have access to. Depending on the nature of your business and your branding, the finer details will be up to you to decide. Incorporating contemporary art such as customised tramscrolls and sculptures or simply using your brand colours throughout the décor is an easy way to personalise your office space. Eco-friendly businesses can use their office space as an opportunity to incorporate environmentally friendly furniture or recycled materials.

Be Original with Your Marketing Techniques

Whether it’s through social media, blog posts, emails or printed materials, the key to standing out is to identify what makes your business unique. Creative businesses are started and led by individuals like you who have a unique story to tell. Even if other businesses are offering a similar product or service, not a single other business has your unique quirks or personality, so put them to use. Customers buy into a person as much as they buy into products or skills so make sure you use your story to carve out a niche.

Take Pride in Your Brand

From your business premises to your marketing, how you present yourself to how you conduct your customer service, everything you do needs to be as polished as possible. This includes tying your branding together including your website, logo, business cards, flyers, and product packaging. Showing your customers that you take pride and care in even the smallest details creates a positive impression of your company. Aim for excellence in everything you do and, if there’s a way you can add extra value to your service which your competitors are not, make it happen.

Use the Right Ecommerce Platform

If you sell your products or creative services online, you need to make sure you’re using an effective and efficient ecommerce platform. Your business should be memorable for good reasons, and this includes making it easy as possible for customers to purchase from you. The best on the market are customisable to your business but don’t take a huge amount of your time to build and manage. If you aren’t confident with IT development and technology, then complex platforms may not be suitable. If you are currently with a platform such as Magento Enterprise, you could consider a more suitable option. Take the time to compare it to a Magento Enterprise alternative such as Shopify Plus.

Support a Charity or Community Project

A great way to portray the human side to your brand is to support a charity or any good cause. Ideally, it should be something aligned with your industry or brand. Supporting a charity can deliver great benefits from helping to make the world a better place to highlighting what’s important to you as a company to your customers. If you get involved with fundraising events or campaigns, you may also get the positive impact of press coverage and PR value.

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Author Monet Eisenhart