How To Save Money When Buying Clothes

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Every year, the average household of 4 people spends about 2% of their earnings on clothes. This is more than a hundred dollars a month if you do the math, and it is a little too much for clothes. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should stop buying clothes altogether. This is a silly mistake to make. Clothes get worn out a lot more quickly than anything else in the wardrobe, as it gets outdated, goes out of style, and sometimes actually wears out because of the friction and stress placed upon it. As our bodies change over time, the clothes we wear may stop fitting us anymore, or may fit rather badly which leads to a need for better clothes or newer sizes. This is especially true for children.

High Quality Clothes Last Longer

If you can bring yourself to buy better clothing at Layby or another store, online or otherwise, make sure you do. By better clothing, it isn’t meant to be clothing that fits you better, but something that is of a higher quality than the clothes you own right now. While this does mean that you will be spending more money on the clothes, they will give you a lot more value for the money that you spend. It is like the difference between fast food and a nice meal. While the cheaper clothes cost you less per item, the rate at which you buy new ones will make the overall value over time mount up to greater heights all the time. When you get higher quality clothing, you will have to replace it less often which means that you will get far greater value for your money.

Timing Is Everything For Clothes

If you can buy your new clothes at the right time, you will actually be able to save a lot of money as well. In fact, you could save hundreds on the money you spend, especially for your kids. It looks like January and August are the best months to buy your clothes. This is probably because they are the transition months between the seasons, which makes most of the clothes at stores go for a much lower price than they usually would. This is also the time that most clothing lines provide sales for their customers. For example, the Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale occurs in January and June, and slashes prices up to 60% on some of the items that they offer. Taking advantage of these clearing out sales and more allows you to save an unbelievable amount of money.

However, while buying clothes when they are on sale is a good way to save money, not all sales are going to be that great for you. Sometimes you are going to have to look for the secret codes that retailers use to communicate with each other using the price tags.


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Author Monet Eisenhart