Everything You Need To Know When Buying a Diamond Ring

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While it is undeniable that the diamond engagement ring is one of marketing’s biggest successes to-date, it is also equally undeniable that the concept is pretty much here to stay. For as long as we can remember, diamond rings have been the primary choice for proposals, with the industry growing bigger than ever. Needless to say, this has in turn created a specific culture within our community, although the change meant that people could not always be sure that the diamond rings they purchased were authentic. Hence it is very important that first one educates oneself about the characteristic that set apart a genuine from a fake.


Did you know that all precious stones and jewellery should come accompanied by a certification? Think of it as its birth certificate if you will. It states every detail you should know about the piece of jewellery you bought. Including the weight, carat, cut and more. Most certifications are typically issued by the relevant gem authorities, but some jewellery firms issue their own. Keep this carefully, as you would need it if in case you ever think of selling your jewellery. People are generally wary about purchasing such jewellery without proper paperwork.


Diamond rings and other similar jewellery must be insured. So when planning to make your purchase, check up on how much annual premium you would need to pay for this. The cost also depends on where you live. If for instance you are insuring designer engagement rings Melbourne, then it is more likely to be higher since you are in a prominent city. The total value of the piece of jewellery also comes into play. Not insuring your diamond ring would be a big mistake, since if something does happen to it, it is not going to be easy to do anything about it.

Number Your Ring

This is an excellent way of being able to track your ring in case it is stolen, lost or under repair. Basically, the certificate number issued to your diamond can be inscribed on the stone’s side. Not to worry, as these inscriptions do not in any way harm the diamond and therefore do not reduce its value. This is beneficial when you are applying for insurance, as some policy providers consider offering deductions if you have this inscription.

Yeessssss!!! The diamond band underneath the stone (instead of a halo!!)!!! And diamonds up the prongs PLUS micropave!? Only thing I'd change is add a prong or two - don't like how 4 prongs makes a round diamond look square. I like round :)

Shop Far And Wide

Diamonds should not be bought in a hurry. There are just so many brilliant creations, that it would be foolish to not check out all your options beforehand. You want to be sure that all a diamonds typical characteristics are present. Additionally, you also want to check that light refracts exactly as it should within the stone’s walls. After all, this is what gives any gem stone their lustre, which with diamonds is particularly outstanding. Browse through various suppliers, and better yet book a consultation with those that catch your fancy the most. Experienced vendors will be able to guide you accordingly, ensuring you get the best value for money.

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