Last Minute Wedding Details: What You Should Remember

Months of wedding planning and all those efforts will finally fall into place on the big day. Here are some things you should keep in mind to make your fairy tale of a wedding come true!

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Pack a Night Bag for the Wedding

It is really important that you pack everything you need in a small but spacious bag for the wedding night. Do not rely on someone else such as the maid of honor to do it. Pack a small ready to eat midnight snack for you and your partner, lingerie and everything else you need in the bag.

Make Sure You Have Packed Everything for the Dressing Up

Just as you pack everything you will be wearing for the wedding, it is important that you pack whatever you are planning to wear for when you are getting dressed up. If you have ordered designer robes for yourself and the bridesmaids make sure they are packed as well. Include comfortable flats to wear too.

Talk to your makeup artist and see whether you need to pack anything else on your own for the dress up including any grooming tools.

Is Your Wedding Gown And Everything Else Ready?

Be it a hotel, your external venue or even your home that you are getting ready in, you need to ensure that all the necessary items are there. These include the bridal gown and any other accessories. Try to visualize yourself in the complete attire and start with head to toe and pack every item you need. If you pack everything it will be easier since you would know where to look when you need something. And if you are too busy and planning to delegate the packing to someone else, make sure that person is reliable.

Do Not Leave the Pampering For the Last Minute

Getting yourself pampered for the special day is an absolute must. You would look relaxed, rejuvenated and fresh at the altar. Besides it is a great way to shed all the stress of wedding planning that probably has been taking place for 16 odd months!

Brides-to-be usually get a relaxing massage, a mani-pedi session, try out new hairstyles and professional makeup while the grooms try out hot shaves, massages and even mani-pedi. Do remember to get spray tans, haircuts, facials and body waxes done at least four or five days before so that you have enough time to fix any mistakes.

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Make Sure To Munch on Something Once In A While

Now this can be tricky. Most of the brides tend not to eat anything to look great in their wedding dresses and that is for fair reason. However, you do not want to risk fainting at the altar during the exchange of vows for a slim waist in the pictures do you?

Although you spent all your time designing the perfect wedding reception menu, you might not be able to enjoy it completely. Between all the toasts and saying hi and thanking everyone for coming you might not be able to have fun with that sumptuous spread of flavors you chose. So you can get someone to keep some energy bars at hand, nothing with too much of carbs.

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Author Monet Eisenhart