Essential Items That Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

Are you tired of delving deep into your closet every time you want to go out and yet being unable to find something to wear?

Similarly, another big issue all of us face is that Our jewelry almost NEVER complements our outfit the way we want it to.

Buying the wrong things, or pieces that easily run out of trend can cause your closet to clutter up with nothing useful in it.

The best way to outrun this mess is by getting rid of all the useless stuff in your closet (yes, even though you’re emotionally connected to them, toughen up!), and replace them with fashion staples, that best suit your everyday needs, and don’t run out of style. What are these so-called fashion staples you ask? With a range of items displayed in every boutique that make your eyes sparkle right away, it can be quite tricky to pick pieces that work for you best.

Here are a few things you might want to add in your closet after you’ve gotten rid of that yellow mini skirt that you never wore.

The Basics

When it comes to simple and chic clothing, White tee shirts and white shirts always top the list. They are easy to find anywhere in Australia, and they go with almost anything; you can pair it with pants to look professional or shorts to look your most playful self.

Your closet should also always consist of a pair of good quality dark wash jeans that fit you well and a neutral coloured midi skirt, long enough for the winter but managing to keep you cool in the warm months. As for the jeans, make sure you find the right type of jeans for you. It could be a journey trying to pick from within the large spectrum ranging from skinny jeans to ones that are distressed. Start with selecting a few pairs, trying them so you can conclude on what suits you best.


A woman’s frame will never fail if she has the right accessories. In fact, they could glam up your outfit a whole mile than you might realize. Earrings that come in shapes such as crosses or stars are a great place to start since you can buy star earrings in Australia that are timeless. They also seem to be a classic go-to amongst the great fashionista models as we see them walk the runway confidently. The right type of accessories never run out of trend and these grab enough attention to you beautiful and adorns you with an edgy look.


Finally, a pair of black pumps and a pair of white sneakers will keep you ever ready to hit the streets. Black pumps will make you look empowering as it has been proven to serve women well over the centuries. The white sneaker trend, similarly, doesn’t seem to go anywhere. It can manage to elevate any outfit to look cooler and has the benefit of complement outfits of any colour.

You might be thinking that a few pieces in your closet is way too little. But trust me darling, when it comes to fashion, less is more.

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Author Monet Eisenhart