How to Look Good Without Breaking the Bank

We have all experienced that time in our lives when everyone we love is either getting engaged or married or receiving an award for their valuable efforts on something very worthwhile.  We feel elated for their accomplishments and milestones. But sometimes the idea of a free dinner and champagne is still off-putting because aside for the what-gift-to-give dilemma, we are also bothered by the what-to-wear predicament.


Fortunately, we could still look good without breaking the bank. These days, there is a possibility to hire an outfit (or two!) for all the events in your social calendar. As always, if opting to avail of an online service, leave a wiggle room to intercept a mishap before your event.

Hire Period

Dresses for hire usually have a hire period of three to seven days or more. Make sure you managed to choose the accurate period. Rent the dress on the week of your event so as not to return a dress you have not worn yet, be also wary of the delivery and return time.


Cost for hiring dresses is not just payment for the rent of the dress itself. There are other fees to consider like shipping and return costs, insurance (for stains, rips, missing buttons, and other minor damages) and dry cleaning. If you happen to love a dress that you wanted it to be permanently yours, some online stores display the prices for retail as well.

Mixed Up Orders

When trying to look for a dress to hire, remember to be flexible. If possible always have a backup choice in case, there is a mix up with the order or the website had some technical difficulties and what you rented was already rented by someone else or the courier delivered the wrong dress. When these situations occur, it is possible to return the dress for a refund or exchange. Your back up choice will come in handy and you would not have to start the search all over again.


There are several online companies offering the rent a dress service that to stand out, the “shopping” experience for clients should be easier and more efficient. For example, dress hire in Sydney advertisements classify dresses by style: mini, knee length, midi, floor length. And even by occasions: wedding, formal, cocktail, bridesmaid, work function, party and so on, making it easier for the customers to customize the selection process.


No matter how hard you try to filter the dresses to your measurements, there would still be a probability that what you rented will not fit since designers use different measurements. You could be small for one designer, a medium to another.


Glamming up does not necessarily mean expensive. Attending an event does not necessarily mean we have to buy a new dress especially if we will not be able to wear it more than once. It’s not economical and will just add to our pile of dresses at the back of the closet too fancy to wear for a simple night out. Formal once in a lifetime event calls for a more practical solution; rent instead of purchase.

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Author Monet Eisenhart