Is Bohemian the Right Style For You?

Fashion embodies a world of change. Each year you’ll find a new trend- a new design or perhaps a concept brought back from the past. Everybody adopts a style and makes it their own by adding their own unique touches. It’s how we gain a first impression of someone. It’s how we express ourselves. We may switch it up every now and then when the occasion calls for it but the fundamental style which makes us most comfortable will always run in us. Here’s a list of fundamental characteristics you’ll find you resonate with if the style of Bohemian fashion is the right match for you.

Favor Pastel Or Nature-Oriented Colors

A bohemian sense of style draws on pastel, neutral, tie-dye colors. You’ll even favor floral or tribal patterns.

Jewelry Galore

If your love for jewelry knows no bounds, you’re probably leaning towards a more bohemian lifestyle. Your jewelry box might be overflowing with big, bold pieces and you’ll find yourself always looking for unique sets that will help you stand out. You’re also more bohemian-oriented if you prefer jewelry that has more natural/woodsy shades of color or represents nature in some way.


While many of your friends prefer resplendent hair-dos that requires a regular visit to the salon each time they have a fancy occasion, you’ll be beyond ecstatic to accentuate the beauty of your hair with nature’s elements. At weddings or on vacation, you’ll always be found with flowers in your hair.

Love For Leather Products

If designer handbags simply do not get you going and you opt for an appreciation of naturalistic products, you most definitely are sporting a bohemian sense of style. Do you prefer dressing up your outfits with more natural accessories such as a boho leather bag, clutches, and totes? If you see these as a care-free style that allows you to express yourself with more freedom and versatility then yes, this is the right style for you.

Love For Braiding

A love for crown braids is also a prominent hairstyle amongst bohemians. It also perfectly complements the natural look they yearn to have and brings more attention to their facial features. Speaking on hairstyles, boho-gals tend to accessorize their hair with bandanas or bands across their head.

Hipster/ Gypsy Personality

If you were called a hipster, gypsy or an old soul far too often growing up due to the way you dressed, then you are very much a boho-gal. Hipsters are frequently known for their bell-bottomed, flared and fringed outfits that leave them very much distinguishable in a crowd.

Printed Outfits

If you have a love for artsy patterns and unique prints, not only limited to naturalistic styles with bold colors, this shows you have an appreciation for art and beauty in unique pairings. This is a prominent aspect in the Bohemian sense of style as it depends on a person’s ability to test various pairings and find their own true style.

If you found that you resonated with most of these characteristics, then you are most definitely a Boho-gal at heart!

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Author Monet Eisenhart