Non-Surgical Skin Clinic Treatments That Can Make You Look Younger

Decades ago, cosmetic procedures that promise to improve your appearance are usually invasive and you have to endure much discomfort before you can enjoy the results. Thanks to the advancement in technology today, the cosmetics industry had formulated cosmetic procedures that are non-surgical and non-invasive. Many people opt for these treatments because they are usually painless, quick healing and easily done. Learn more about these treatments and see which one you think you need.

Clear and Brilliant Laser Facial Treatment

If you have dark spots, large pores, sun spots and other minor skin imperfections, this painless treatment works best for you. It uses laser technology to brighten your skin tone, clear minor skin imperfections and minimize pore size. It is painless, quickly done and requires lesser recovery time. After the procedure, the treated skin will have a little redness but quickly recovers after a few days. Visit The Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Clinic for brighter and younger looking skin.

Chemical Peels

Old skin covers the youthful new skin cells, making your skin look dull and dark. Chemical peels remove old skin from the surface to reveal brighter and younger looking complexion. The strength of the peel depends on your present skin condition and issues. For example, if you want to get rid of deep wrinkles and acne scars, you’ll need a stronger peel which takes longer time to heal. However, for simple rejuvenation of the skin, a light peel can be easily and quickly done.

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facial treatment is popular for those who want immediately younger looking skin after the procedure. Skin beautifying products such as oxygen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins are pushed into the skin through pressurized air. It may not look as pampering as other beauty treatments but the results are truly magical.


Botox is still one of the most popular beauty treatments. This procedure injects compounds into the skin that relaxes the muscles and gives an instant lift to the treated area. It can also make fine lines disappear by making the skin look plumper. It can be done quickly and the results are also immediate, you don’t have to worry about recovery.


This type of cosmetic treatment has varied results from one person to another. This procedure utilizes radiofrequency energy that is bombarded to the skin to stimulate collagen production. The results are not immediate but rather long lasting when it takes effect. Some people are fine after a session or two while others need to undergo multiple sessions before seeing the results.

Liquid Face Lift

If you think you can’t get away from those deep wrinkles and sagging skin, think again. The liquid face lift treatment is the solution for this problem. The procedure is done by injecting gel fillers into the skin to instantly lift up sagging skin, smoothen wrinkles and give your skin a relaxed look. No wonder this procedure is very popular.

There’s no need to go under a knife to look younger and more beautiful. Find a procedure that suits you and see for yourself.

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Author Monet Eisenhart