Now You Have the Means to Saving Thousands of Dollars

Money is something that we keep on spending every single day of or lives and it just keeps moving from one person to another. It brings us enjoyment and enormous pleasure but it is also our main cause of worry and headaches. But such is the uncertainty of life and the value of money and all the worldly things that money can buy in our lives that making more money and saving money is a continuous thought at the back of our minds no matter what we are doing. So let’s have a look at some of the chief spending sprees in our lives and how we can lessen such costs.

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Weddings Have To Be At the Top of the List

The most significant day in our lives. The day that alters everything for us in the blink of an eye. Although it focuses around that instant when the words ’’I do’’ are uttered, the whole progression leading up to it can be a problem on your bank balance. There is just so much money spent on decorations, white bridesmaid dresses, bridal accessories and food that at the end of the day it leaves us bit shocked that we spent so much just for a few hours in a day. The dress that cost you so much will be worn only for those limited hours and then take up a dwelling at the back of a storage cupboard somewhere in your home to be taken out again only many years down the road. The natural flowers that cost you a fortune for all the decorations will droop away a few days later. People will talk about the indulgences for a few days and even the talk will die down after some time.

That’s why most people are gradually trying to incorporate the do it yourself idea into wedding planning. DIY invitations are a big success because people have come to understand that invitations are not that big a deal because most people look at an invite, not down the date and end up throwing it into the dustbin. It’s not like they have it as memento any more like they used to. Another thing that you can cut back on the cost is with the table decorations, serviette rings and placement cards. All these little little things although looking at them separately don’t seem like they will cost much, when put together will amount to a quite a significant part of a wedding cost.

And if you are a person looking to give your wedding a personal touch and making sure that the guests enjoy themselves rather than wanting the glamorous stuff then you can even make modifications with food, example going for a barbecue instead of the same old wedding buffet which will make the whole event less formal and give you a chance to intermingle with guests as well. And many people out there have proved that cutting down on costs does not necessarily have to make a wedding less beautiful or less entertaining.

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Author Monet Eisenhart