4 Simple Tips For Dressing Well

Are you planning on upgrading your wardrobe? Dressing well not only makes you look good but it also helps you feel more energetic and confident about yourself. No matter what your budget is, you can decide on how to make changes to your wardrobe accordingly as there are clothes to fit in any budget and for any woman. This article will focus primarily on women’s fashion and how to dress well. Read on to find some tips on what looks best on you.

Focus On The Fit

Not even the best, trendiest clothing will look good on you if the clothes do not fit your body well. It is the worst fashion fauxpas you can make and must avoid at all costs. Wearing clothes that are too tight will make you look heavy and cheap while wearing clothes that are too baggy or large will give a sloppy look. Keep in mind that although trends change and there are different styles coming in every season, not all these looks will flatter your figure. Most importantly, just because you can get into a certain type of clothing does not necessarily mean that it fits you well. Dresses are typically a challenging clothing type to find the right fit as most women have different sizes and each dresses different sizes in tops and bottoms. You can consider plus sized shapewear to accentuate your body and make your body look curvy in the right places when wearing dresses.

Identifying Your Body Shape

Each individual falls into a different category of body type. Some of the most common ones are apple, hourglass, pear or banana/ straight shapes. Apple shaped women tend to carry most of the weight around the middle area and they often look best in clothing that highlights the chest and lower body while hiding the waist. Pear shaped body types look good in A-line outfits, layered tops and dark-coloured bottoms. Banana shaped types tend to look good in most clothing as they are slight all over.

Determine The Colours That Look Best On You

One of the best ways to identify this is by looking at the veins on your wrist. If they are green, your skin tone is yellow therefore warm colours look better. These are the reds, yellows, oranges and browns. Pastels are best avoided. If the veins have a bluish hue, then cooler colours such as pastels, greenish tints and jewel tones work best. This skin tone has a pink base.

Focus On Classic Styles

Rather than going with each trend and style that comes up every season, it is best to dress in the most attractive way in which highlights your best features. Following trends in the latest colours, styles and cuts just because they are what are “in” will not make you look fashionable or well dressed. Always wear clothes that emphasize your best features. Don’t forget that if you don’t feel comfortable in what you wear, it will show in your face and this will make your overall appearance look dull and uncomfortable. Wearing uncomfortable shoes that gives you pain while walking defeats the purpose of a well-planned outfit.

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Author Monet Eisenhart