4 Tips to Keep In Mind When Dressing For a Wedding

Evening weddings tend to scale more towards dressing formally than day weddings as evening functions often favour a more glamorous look. Most invitations offer some kind of dress code for their guests just that it prevents any confusion on what to wear. In case there is no specification, you can call the venue to get a recommendation. Pro tip when in doubt is to always dress up instead of dressing down. Let’s have a look at some tips you can follow when dressing up for your next wedding.


Dark-Coloured Evening Wear

Daytime weddings typically favour light colour tones when it comes to women’s dresses while evening or night weddings go with darker shades. Darker evening attire that is flowy and silky is ideal for evenings as this will reflect the beautiful calmness of the night. You can even consider ball dress hire in Perth & Sydney if you do not want to purchase an outfit just for one event. Fabrics such as satin or silk are beautiful for extravagant evening wear. Think about the length of the outfit. A mini will be too informal and inappropriate for most ceremonies and especially evening weddings. Consider maxi dresses or knee length dresses as these not only are elegant but tend to accentuate your body and features regardless of the body type.



Accessorizing your outfit with handbags and jewellery is one of the most crucial ways of glamming up an outfit. For formal events, dressing up with necklaces, rings, pendants and jewellery can instantly give your overall look a more distinct style and look. It’s always good to keep whatever your style you choose and the accessories in moderation. You want the jewellery to add some uniqueness to your attire not make it look too flashy and inappropriate. Don’t forget to get a little creative. Certain trends like wearing head chains with minimalistic gowns are not only very trendy but also add creativity and style to your personality.

Keep Your Hair and Makeup Sleek and Moderate

Most people at wedding ceremonies prefer any style in moderation keeping it simple and classy over flashy. Even though the party and overall environment may turn more casual as the ceremony proceeds, you don’t want to overdo your styling- especially with hair and makeup. Rather, keep the styling within conservative bounds. It’s always safe to have your hair up, use nude or natural tones for your skin and perhaps a pop of colour on your lips to highlight the whole outfit.

Consider the Couple and Bride When Wearing an Outfit

Keep in mind not to go too overboard when it comes to dressing. For example, avoid white or cream coloured dresses as this would make you stand out with the bride and not upstaging the bride on her wedding day is a great way to go about with picking out an outfit. Sequins are generally too flashy too however if they come in more simplistic and elegant designs they can certainly be worn for an evening wedding.

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Author Monet Eisenhart