Do’s And Don’ts’s Of a Cocktail Party Attire

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Although many people talk about the different rules relating to other dress codes such as white tire, black tie, smart casual etc., the cocktail attire is often ignored and given less awareness on the dressing needed for events this kind. Cocktail parties are in the middle of black tie and dressy casual, where an appropriate sense of fashion needs to be applied when attending a party. This article is compiled to give your ideas on everything that should and should not be done for the attire for a cocktail party, read ahead for more;

Don’t Wear Wrinkled Clothes

For an event like a cocktail party, the organizers can range from being a business party to something that is organized to celebrate a small milestone. Both categories of the parties expect their guests to be crisp and trim in their attire, simply for the purpose of having a well-dressed crowd at the occasion. Imagine organizing one of these parties, to come to find one of your dear guests appear in a crumpled, wrinkled dress that diminishes the value of your guest’s personality merely due to this wardrobe malfunctioning.

Do Wear Decent, Elegant Clothes

Choosing revealing parties for when it is a girl’s night out or a bachelorette party is fair and square while they are strictly to be avoided in cocktail parties. You could find lovely, decent cocktail dresses or sleek pants and blouses at cocktail dresses online Australia, if you have been finding it difficult to locate the one-stop shop for your party needs.

Don’t Carry a Handbag

A big bulky handbag that probably has everything that can support your life is irrelevant at a cocktail party. So, shimmy off the bulky bag and opt for a small dress clutch to match your outfit instead. A clutch is more likely to complement the cocktail dress than when paired with a bag that droops down on your side possibly blocking out most of the beauty on your clothes.

Do Wear Heels

Sneakers and flat sandals are rarely close to being appropriate for cocktail parties as they are more towards the casual dress code. Always pick a nice pair of heels to go with your cocktail attire, they needless be extremely high and grand, instead choosing a simple yet elegant pair of stilettos or block heels would pair perfectly with your dress or your silk blouse.

Don’t Wear Too Many Accessories

Instead of wearing all the accessories you possess in your wardrobe, choose one or two of the most elegant jewellery or accessories to enhance the beauty of your attire without loading yourself with accessories that gives your dress code no value at all.

So, there you go, that’s everything you need to know about your cocktail attire. Through the article above, you are not only able to know the dos and the don’ts’s, but you would also be known as the best dressed person in one of these parties when organized again. I hope that this article gave you enough insight on your upcoming cocktail parties as well.

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Author Monet Eisenhart