How to Exude an Elegant Sense of Style

There is one thing that never goes out of style – elegance and sophistication. It is a rather evasive trait that is held by just a few individuals. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t learn how to dress yourself in a classy manner. It just requires some practice and knowing just what to choose when you go shopping. To make certain that you never put another toe out of style line, here is what you need to know:

Elegance Equates Timelessness

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about sophisticated style is that it is timeless. This means that regardless of the year or decade you find yourself in, some things will never change. While elegant dressers will certainly accommodate modern tastes, they will not go overboard with trends. Instead, they will make these inclusions subtly, perhaps with accessories or the way that they do their hair. Therefore, the items that you choose will need to feel as though they will never go out of style. When shopping, avoid pieces that will become irrelevant once a particular season will end.

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Wear Tailored Clothes

A well-kept secret among classy ladies is that their clothes are all tailored to perfection. When you want to look elegant, you can’t wear ill-fitting dresses, blouses, or pants. No, it must be professionally tailored to your body. Now, not everyone can afford custom clothes but this is not a problem. Whenever you buy clothes, always opt for the ones with the closest fit possible. Then, have a professional seamstress take it in where necessary. It will appear as though the clothes have been made for you.

Choose Stylish Headwear

There’s no denying the power of a bonnet, fedora, or a cap. For instance, the one that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast in Tiffany’s is practically a star in its own right. In addition to being accessories, these are great for shielding you from the weather. For those overly sunny days or chilly, winter days a cap keeps your head and ears protected. Of course, you can hardly walk around with something with a wide brim or that feels obtrusive. Instead, opt for something like a racing hat. These will fit close to your head and make you seem stylish and enigmatic.

Subtle Jewellery Choices

Unless you are going out to a large event, it is best to keep your jewellery as simple and understated as possible. Some guidelines to follow are pearls, stud earrings, and small diamonds. These should be used to accentuate your outfit but not overrule it.

As long as you follow the guidelines set out here, you should be able to be as elegant as you please.


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Author Monet Eisenhart