Mistakes to Avoid In Maternity Fashion

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Staying comfortable and not comprising on your personal style can both be really difficult things to achieve during pregnancy right? Not really. Not if you know what to choose and what to avoid. A lot of the women today, while enjoying motherhood, also underestimate the amount of fashion and styling that they can carry on during their pregnancy and end up feeling bad about the way that they look. This doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some common mistakes that mothers to be do when choosing their maternity fashion, so that you can avoid them.

Buying Everything Two Sizes Big

Most women automatically think that they need to buy maternity clothing in a size or two that is bigger than your usual size. They believe that with your baby bump growing you will need much bigger clothing. However what you probably don’t know is that maternity wear is already designed to accommodate a growing baby bump without having the clothing hang off of you and look massive on all the other areas that have not changed in size. All you need to do therefore it, to buy the clothing in your normal size if you are picking maternity wear. If you buy sizes that are big for you, it will make you look bigger than you usually are and it will hang off on areas like your arms, shoulders and back making you look sloppy.

Buying Clothing in Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics do not handle perspiration too well. You may already be feeling warm, especially if it is the summer or you live in the tropics for example. With fabrics like polyester and the likes, the chances of you feeling like you are being broiled alive is rather high. Therefore if you want to enjoy a blissful maternity, opt for items that come in natural materials like cotton and linen. You can now find some really cool looking boho numbers in these materials that can bring in some stylish chic into your maternity wardrobe.

Business Attire That Makes You Uncomfortable

Today’s mother is a super woman. If you are still going to work and you are also carrying your baby, hats off to you for your dedication to your career while you also fulfil the duties of an expecting mother. But you also need to make sure that you are comfortable in your business attire. Maternity wear may not be professional enough for you to wear to office or especially for client meetings and the likes, you can always wear a well cut suit that works well with you baby bump. Pair the top with skirts because they are more comfortable than pants and even official looking dresses with some extra space for your baby bump will work really well.

Wearing Heels and Uncomfortably Narrow Shoes

Your feet will experience some swelling during pregnancy as you are carrying a lot of additional weight. In addition to this, your spine will also be under a bit of strain as you are carrying more weight than usual and that is why you will feel back aches more and more. If you wear heels or shoes that are really narrow in their make you are adding strain on your back and your feet both. Avoid these styles at all times.

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Author Monet Eisenhart