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Celebrities make headlines on fashion and style on a daily basis, and so we are never out of fodder when looking for inspiration on the same. It is also interesting to see how each of them has developed looks that are their very own, and very much in line with the character they portray and brand they represent. In many ways, it is a true representation of themselves, which is what also stands true for us, incidentally. So do not be afraid to be as daring and forthcoming with your style. As we grow and age, our taste and styles evolve and grow, and we should let them.

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Learn To Style in Multiple Ways

There are certain outfits that can be styled in a number of ways, and the trick is to of course know what these are. Think about how much easier your life could be if you learned them? You can pretty much recycle the same outfit for different occasions and settings. In fact, there is a lot of clothing that now comes with multi-functional purposes, and it helps to invest in a few, especially if you are the kind who tends to travel a lot.

Brands Are Not Always the Way

Sure brands and designer brands offer certain advantages like superior comfort and lasting a long time, but that does not mean that they are your only option. If you are looking for bohemian maxi dresses, then you are looking for something that suits your skin tone, style and more, as opposed to letting a high-end brand guide you; although, if you are after a more luxe version, then, by all means, indulge yourself!

Quality vs. Quantity

Yes, quality clothes do cost more, but it is better than having a stack of clothes piled up with small holes and tears in them that make them too good to throw out, but also not great for wearing inside. Which is when we compromise to wear them at home. Then all your good clothes end up for home wear, and you end up with nothing to wear when you go out. Which is why you should always go for better quality clothes. Though you pay extra, think of it as saving you the hassle of going shopping all over again.

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Buy It If You Love It

You know those moments you look at something and think ‘meh?’ Well, if any piece of clothing makes you feel that way, do not get it. You will not wear it, no matter what you tell yourself at this stage. Sure you might feel good when buying it, but that is just the retail therapy working. You should make a rule, only to buy something if you really and truly think it is awesome. It makes it easier to wear out as well since you already love it and it will just show in the way you carry yourself. Remember, style is all down to you. Clothes are just an accessory to this. Go ahead and bring out your very best!

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Author Monet Eisenhart