Tips To Organise Your Dresser

Looking for some interesting ways to keep your dresser neatly organized? Keep reading to find out!

Set Up Boundaries

You can pick out a dresser and place separators inside the drawer. This can either be the drawer where you store your clothes or accessories. You can also store items like watches, rings, and other jewellery pieces in the drawer once you have placed the separators to keep things organised.

If you are looking to keep everything including makeup and accessories confined to one corner in your room due to space limitations, make sure you choose organizers like makeup organiser, in which you can pack and store makeup items.

Include Objects with Raison D’être

Sure, you might have a lot of memoirs and souvenirs that remind you of the good times in Bali and the fun you had with your family and friends skiing last year. However, if these items are stored on your dresser, chances are that they are cluttering up your dresser. Make sure that you are a bit space-conscious and clear away some of the mess. You can come up with a system to keep the necessary items on the dresser and store away the space-consuming items.

Analyse, Arrange, Customize

Make sure that you measure the interiors of the drawers and get an idea of how much space you have available in them. Depending on this, you can go ahead make the decision of how many items and clothes can you afford to keep in them. Investing in extendable plastic dividers is also a great idea.

Work within A System

Even if you have separators, you should go ahead and come up with a system to arrange everything. Make sure that you have a list of things to help you arrange everything accordingly. The clothing items that you need immediately, such as to wear at home, should be stored away from the formal clothing items that require effort to fold and wash. You can categorise according to your busy schedule or you can simply arrange everything according to their colour. However, do pay attention to how often and how much you move around in an emergency and store those clothing items according to ease of access.

Use the Dresser Top Productively

You can stash odd items that do not seem to belong anywhere right on top of the dresser. However, make sure that you do not disrupt the usual theme of the interiors and make more clutter trying to de-clutter your dresser. If you have a sunglass holder, you can use it to hold your sunglasses effectively. Also make sure that you neatly stash things like lotions, moisturizers and everything else. It is also important that you throw away unused and old bottles of lotion and tubes of hair products.

Keep Things Interesting

You can try out fun ways to fold every piece of clothing in the dresser. You can also try and roll up or fold away items like synthetic T-shirts to avoid them from wrinkling up.

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Author Monet Eisenhart