Tips to Help Every Woman Get the Best Possible Haircut

We all know about the power of a good haircut. In fact, it feels indomitable, especially when you walk out of the salon right after getting it done. It can also put bad hair days to rest, and make you feel like an absolute queen. Needless to say, your hair has a lot to do with your complete appearance and how you tie your look together, and plays a key role in polishing you up. But of course this is based on the fact that you end up with a good haircut; what if you end up with a terrible one though? As it happens, is the more likely scenario if current situations are anything to go by. Well, as much as the end result does depend on your hairstylist, there are a few tips that may be able to help you secure a smashing haircut every single time.

Know Your Face Shape

There are different types of face shape categories all of us fall into, including round, oval, diamond, heart and square. Whilst there is nothing we can do to alter this shape (and why would you?!), you can focus your style around it. So different types of haircuts and hairstyles are suited for each of these, and some may not suit others. Once you figure out what your face shape is, you can then start browsing through ideas and play around with hairstyle options that are best suited to you. You can either get the hairstylist to do it for you or do it yourself at home.

Work with Your Hair’s Texture

Once again the result of genetics, hair texture varies from person to person as well, so you want to work with what is right for you. So if for example you have rough, super curly hair, the likelihood of you being able to walk out with pin straight long hair like one of the Kardashian girls is very unlikely. Even if you might get close to the look, it would probably spring back to normal once you get about your day. It makes investing in such look utterly wasteful. Most hair salons always advise their clients to go with a haircut and style that suits their hair texture, mainly because of easier maintenance as well.

Be Realistic

So we know that you may probably have your eye on that celebrity’s hair, but you do have to be realistic. In other words, you must realize that they have a full-time team whose job is to ensure they always look good. So they make use of hair extensions, constant blow drying and so much more to maintain their hair. Plus, if something goes wrong they can afford to spend thousands to fix it. Hence, you should understand that aside from being quite expensive, this way of life is not entirely practical; at least not when you are leading a fairly normal life in all other aspects. Try the natural beauty approach; it always works.

Know Your Lifestyle

If you typically have a busy lifestyle and schedule, then the likelihood of you being able to maintain a sleek hairstyle is very unlikely, since it is likely to be disheveled and cannot retain its best look. So what then? Well, get a haircut and style done to suit your way of living or lifestyle. This will help you align practicality with glamour, and allow you to win at both, and be that 21s-century glamazon you always dreamed of being!

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Author Monet Eisenhart